Argumentative essay on drug testing welfare recipients

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, almost two dozen states are considering bills that require drug testing those either applying for or receiving public benefits, a policy that has been cut down in the courts before because the Fourth Amendment grants that every individual "be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Why would you want to give government benefits to someone who may either directly or indirectly use those benefits to support a drug habit? The second argument, which seems quite sensible, is that in times of tight budgets, screening out a population of said undeserving applicants could save governments lots of money.

Argumentative essay on drug testing welfare recipients

Drug proving for persons using for authorities hard currency aid should be compulsory before aid is granted. Anyone willing to use for a occupation or fall ining the armed forces is capable to random drug trials.

Anyone that works and pays revenue enhancements helps the public assistance system. The ground testing could be justified would be how much fraud is by and large found each twelvemonth entirely without drug testing and merely by sensible suspecion.

Drug proving would salvage the authorities money and assist administer the benefits more to those who really need it.

Many of the Torahs purposed would non deny benefits to the dependants the individual may hold. The dependant s would still have the necessary aid. Besides the individual who failed the drug trial or has an evident issue with legal substance maltreatment could be given the right way for intervention and acquire their lives traveling back in the right way.

Drug testing is indefensible. Besides it being an invasion of privateness. Using illicit drugs may non even be the ground they are using for public assistance. Peoples have a pick where they want to work.

Besides non everyone that is in demand has a drug job or does drugs. The cost to prove every applier would outweigh the sum saved denying benefits for those who tested positive. Need essay sample on Welfare Argumentative Paper Essay?

Drug testing is a positive measure towards many things in the public assistance country. Presently if sensible intuition was justified a individual would hold to subject a trial anyways. Applicants must be notified of the drug proving demand at the clip of application.

If they test negative the applier will be reimbursed for the cost by adding the sum to their benefit cheque.

Argumentative essay on drug testing welfare recipients

The demand has led to a 48 per centum bead in monthly blessings. Denials vary greatly by county. This illustration shows the potency of nest eggs for the authorities and taxpayers and besides more available financess to the 1s truly in demand. Drug proving appliers has many defects when it comes to turn outing if person may hold a job or is even utilizing illegal drugs.

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Drug proving fails to demo the biggest legal substances being abused by people on or off public assistance in America. Drug trials frequently fail to demo the consequences of people who are utilizing more habit-forming and more unsafe drugs like diacetylmorphine.

Drug proving may hold it flaws. If one was making those types of drugs they would necessitate more than a hard currency aid plan to supply for their wont. School fiscal assistance or unemployment is excluded because the people were either at one clip working and got laid off or injured.

Drug proving appliers may besides assist advance people to remain off drugs. The biggest issue with people holding a drug job is being disqualified from employment for drug maltreatment. Bing free from drugs would so assist person non necessitate public assistance because they would be able to acquire a regular occupation in the work universe.

The United States seems to be the lone state with the issue of drug testing. A measure passed would coerce drug testing but more than probably non acquire the individual the correct aid if there was a job.

The chief aim is denying people assistance because of proving positive for drugs. The thought of drug proving persons for eligibility of authorities aid has many pros and cons. With many of the strengths being that it will assist the financess that are available to assist those people truly in demand.

Taxpayers spend a batch of money to assist back up the public assistance system and many want to see the 1s that can afford to purchase drugs or other non-essential points non be portion of the equation. But with all the strengths will come merely as many failings.Essay on Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients worse by Welfare recipients who abuse the welfare benefits to purchase illegal drugs that hurts the economy and is a danger to society.

This is happening all over the world and nothing has done about it. Mar 26,  · Drug testing doesn't make a whole lot of fiscal sense either.

In cases where states have implemented similar requirements — filling out a questionnaire that's meant to red flag potential. Oct 28,  · Two sides to the argument here in Florida where they do scan for drugs for Welfare.

On the one side it does detour drug users from getting Welfare, which is a fact that Conservatives use to keep the Program Open. Apr 22,  · The most powerful argument against drug testing for welfare benefits stems from the constitutional standpoint.

In MLive from the Saginaw News it is stated that i t is unclear how much drug testing welfare recipients would cost — 12 states were surveyed by the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation for the federal.

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The Pros and Cons of Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients There is quite a bit of controversy out there relating to drug tests for welfare recipients. Understanding both the pros and the cons of it means that there is no black and white answer when it comes to the best solution.

Feb 07,  · Drug Testing for Government Assistance In the push to moreover tax dollars, states are adding medicate testing as a hurdle for welfare recipients. Receiving federal welfare is an exclusive allow to citizens that apply for such aid, whether it is in the form of food stamps or unemployment checks.

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