Behavioural issues within budgeting

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Behavioural issues within budgeting

Introduction Effective and affordable delivery of nutrition education depends on sound training so that knowledge and skills for behaviour change can be communicated to a target audience. This contribution provides suggestions to guide the instructor who trains nutrition educators on planning and implementing in-service training that does this.

Nutrition education is based on the sound application of knowledge derived from the food and nutrition sciences about the relationships Behavioural issues within budgeting diet and health Anderson, The use of educators with training in nutrition allows efficient use of human resources.

Such individuals have a science base that encompasses both food and nutritional science upon which they can draw in crafting educational messages.

First we discuss some general issues that must be considered when embarking on nutrition education projects, including: We discuss requirements for instruction of the instructors who provide in-service efforts to nutrition educators.

We also review what communication skills nutrition educators need to encourage healthful diet-related behaviour changes.

We address some other considerations, such as which causes of malnutrition can be remedied by nutrition education interventions. Finally, the institutional arrangements and resources for nutrition education are examined. Recommendations especially relevant for nutrition education in developing countries follow the Conclusions section.

A glossary gives definitions of terms referred to in the paper. Background Information delivery must include application of findings from studies of behaviour change.

Programme Overview

It is evident that "facts about nutrition do not change behaviour unless they have some meaning for the individual and relate to his needs" Ullrich, Many factors influence the success of effective in-service training. It is essential to assess the setting of each nutrition education effort, and to incorporate local considerations in planning and after the early stages of implementation.

Instruction coupled to opportunities for practical demonstration and observation help to reach trainees regardless of their learning styles. Incorporating outcome-based evaluation at all stages helps ensure efforts to produce competent and effective nutrition educators.

Before launching a nutrition education effort, it is important to consider what such in-service training is expected to achieve, and what kinds of people will be the most effective trainers and nutrition educators to reach goals in the particular setting.

We use the term "trainer" to refer to those who train "nutrition educators" trainees. However, core training may take a long time to establish and implement.

Behavioural issues within budgeting

Another means of promoting effective nutrition education is to provide appropriate in-service training for nutrition educators who are already trained, but whose education lacks some needed background or skills.

Even those who are superbly trained need refreshers, and competency must be periodically renewed since nutrition science and communication are constantly evolving.

Nutrition educators are expected to be able to respond to situations or challenges with a body of knowledge and experience, and not to simply perform rote teaching tasks.

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Therefore it is inappropriate to refer to them as nutrition "trainers"; the terms nutrition educator or instructor are preferable. Nutrition educators must provide both skills and up to date scientific knowledge to foster meaningful engagement and training.

But they also must include efforts on the part of the trainer to ensure that those trained are personally involved and interested in learning. Attention to motivation, interactive learning activities and encouragement assisted in this process.

Goals of in-service training The goal of in-service training is to equip the learners nutrition educators with the knowledge and skills they need to teach methods for changing diet-related habits that will ultimately improve the nutritional status of the target group.All the right ingredients for Best jobs, best people.

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Training needs for nutrition education: Guidelines for in-service training of nutrition educators. Caitlin Hosmer 1 Johanna T Dwyer 2 Armando Villarroel 3. 1. Tufts University, School of Nutrition, Boston, MA, USA.. 2 Director, Frances Stem Nutrition Center, New England Medical Center, and Professor of Medicine and Community Health, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA.

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