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Blog Types of editing defined What kind of editing do you require? Is your manuscript polished to near-perfection, or do you have only a hazy concept in mind or a rough draft completed? Keep in mind that a manuscript will usually require several levels of editing, and often these editing levels will overlap. Manuscript evaluation During an evaluation, I will read through and assess your manuscript with careful attention to detail, then provide a written critique.

Copy editing services fiction

You must copy edit then format then engage professional proofreading services and then publish. Checking your grammar, spelling and punctuation for accuracy Ensuring consistency in your writing, word choices, style, and compositional spacing Eliminating jargon and repetitious words Style consistency and compositional spacing All professional editing services are customized to your unique needs: Fiction, Nonfiction, or Academic Research.

Our copy editing service is provided by experienced professional copy editors specializing in your specific genre and writing style. Get your copy edit directly before formatting. What Is Copy Editing? Copy editing is the most essential edit before formatting.

Copy editing checks for accuracy and consistency in your writing. It reviews and corrects your documents for readability. With a basic copy edit your writing is free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors while ensuring consistency.

Copy editing includes evaluating your word usage, eliminating jargon, and removing repetitious words. A professional copy editor helps you achieve clarity in your writing and style by carefully reviewing and correcting your every word for intent and grammar.

Your copy editor also determines that the specific details, names, dates, and locations within your writing are consistent. If you feel that you need more than just a copy edit, consider either line editing or copy editing.

These are higher levels of editing which provide a much deeper evaluation of your writing, structure, and organization.

copy editing services fiction

If you are unsure about what type of editing you truly need, contact a professional editor. They can assess where you are in the writing process and which editing level would serve you best; content editing, line editing, or copy editing. We are happy to discuss the various editing levels with you via phone, chat, or email.

However, we would much rather SHOW you what editing level is best by providing a professional evaluation and free editing sample of your writing. Plus they are quick with the business.

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The website is a light bulb. I am very happy with the work. Sincerely, Marketa Of all the above I most appreciate:She goes beyond copy and line editing to target even the most elusive content issues. A pleasure to work with—highly recommended.” bestselling thriller novelist, has to say about the importance of using the services of an editor: JODIE RENNER’S FOCUS WHEN EDITING A FICTION MANUSCRIPT.

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Copy editing is the level of editing most commonly called for. I’ll check and standardize grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style. Critical at this level is a thorough check for consistency of style choices, mechanics, and facts.

The Creative Penn's list of recommended editors. Non-fiction proof-reading and copy-editing at £ per 1, words or see here for more rates. Independent Editor's Group. Proofreading and copy editing. Coinlea Services. Copyediting and proofreading.

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Technical writing. Expert online proofreading and copy-editing services. First-language editors online 24/7. Turnaround times from 40 min/ words. Use Wordy to copy-edit, proofread or even 56 subject fields covered Copy-editing services from experts in 56 subject fields – academic, corporate, non-fiction.

Use our professional copy editing service and we will leave your story clearer, more engaging, and more readable. For those of you debating whether or not to use their editing service, I’d recommend you give their editing services a try as they’ll prove to be well worth your while.

I needed a copyediting service for my first book. Copy editing options to suit your needs and your budget.

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