Dissertation report on corporate social responsibility

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Dissertation report on corporate social responsibility

In the recent years the corporate social responsibility has been an admired topic for discuss, as well as although different insights exist on the position of organizations in the society, businesses, large or little, cannot overlook the idea any longer.

Organizations which are close to social responsibility issues became concern about the principled ground of achieving social obligation. But there are people who said that an institute should give priority to the ethical issues rather than the structured law.

They also believed that responsibility towards society can depritiate the values of economic growth which is a big critics in fact. There were four objective of this study such as to analyze why companies engage in CSR; to evaluate how companies apply CSR; to analyze the relation between the use of CSR and financial performance; to examine the feelings of the consumers toward CSR.

An empirical study has been conducted by the researcher himself to collect the primary data among the selected samples to achieve above objectives. The survey among the respondents was conducted following the semi structured interview on the basis of predetermined questionnaire.

In the study it is found that the company Tesco participates in CSR in the area of environmental protection, charity work, sponsorship and work environment. From this study it could be said that CSR investments of the company will affect the performance of the company since customers value CSR activities.

From the hypotheses testing it is found that consumers have positive feelings towards CSR, so, they will be loyal to the company that is being engaged in CSR and thereby increase the sales. Chapter one Introduction 04 1. Corporate social responsibility, certainly, comprises more aspect than just concerning about the environmental effects of organizations.

It came in peoples mind at the laterperiod of primary industrial development that organizations should care about the idea of social responsibility. Latter manifestation of the accountability for society has got stablity but after that period the organization began to involve in humanitarian force strongly Adamsson and Johansson This study aims to analyze the corporate social responsibility andas well as how and why organizationits engage in corporate social responsibility.

Many people say that the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is relatively a new idea to grow more attention and focus from the businessperson, companies, customers and academician etc. It contracts with the accountability of the of institutions in business exercises and aftermath of the involvement like the attention of the consumers, buyers, businessperson, environmentalist and other related people as in total.

A lot of international firms giving importance to the social and business entity which can give a company a humanitarian face and ultimately it will bring reputation and instant commercial benefit as people become loyal to this.

Many international organizations have already integrated social responsibility issue in their future strategy, aim, vision and supporting social customs and values on their manual to increase its goodwill by incorporating the buyers, officials, business plans and among the whole process.

In recent years the call for expanding more in CSR has been strongly emerged from the consumer, staff, higher officials and community leaders. As the consciousness for global warming has gradually upgraded it automatically lead to the further demand of CSR Diana, There are huge corporations relentlessly working with this issue now days.

Corporations become concern about the effect of climate change and environmental degradation.

Dissertation report on corporate social responsibility

Besides, companies taking CSR as the image of a company to increase popularity Comfort et al. There are also row that CSR has many benefits like to improve its public face, popularity, marketing, reducing further marketing cost and many a lot.

It also improves the capability of the employer and creates a comfortable environment in office. Moreover, it develops good relation with government; civil society organizations create more well-wishers and importantly increase its capacity in idea generating.

It creates a close link with the customer for the company. The purpose of this study is to achieve a deeper understanding about CSR.

Corporate social responsibility dissertation report

Following objectives will be fulfilled through this research. To analyze why companies engage in CSR; ii. To evaluate how companies apply CSR; iii.

To analyze the relation between the use of CSR and financial performance iv. To examine the feelings of the consumers toward CSR. Why do companies engage in CSR? How do companies apply CSR?

Dissertation report on corporate social responsibility

What is the correlation between the use of CSR and financial performance? Consumers have positive feelings toward CSR H 2:Sustainability has 3 sectors, Environmental, Economic and social the environmental is the natural resources and how you should manage the it, the economic environment is about Profit and cost savings and the social environment is about the standard of living and it’s about the community.

Mar 03,  · Fascinating question. I’m not sure about the “best topics;” however I can recommend some areas where corporate social responsibility (CSR) has taken on much interest since the turn of the century as crises have formed around Enron and its collapse.

Corporate social responsibility or CSR can provide organizations with benefits many benefits especially in relation to their working environments. CSR is the ideal of turning an organization into a citizen within the community it is working in, by making a concerted effort to commit services to their environment.

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