English comparing 1984 the handmaids tale essay

On the one hand, they still form important pillars of the dystopian tradition in 20th century fiction. On the other hand, both of them are at present used as canonical texts for advanced Foreign Language Teaching in our country. In the next few years, however, it will undoubtedly increase in didactic importance since, in North Rhine Westphalia for example, it will be used as one of the obligatory novels for the first centralized Abitur examination in It is always tempting to do a comparative or contrastive analysis of works of fiction in class which possess a similar subject and which belong to the same genre.

English comparing 1984 the handmaids tale essay

She looks at three centuries of dystopian fiction, and asks why it still gives us a kick I was inspired to write The Mandibles: In real-lifethe human population may peak at But in fiction, the catastrophes that lie in wait are infinite.

Well, in any good story, something goes wrong. Utopias are boring; in fiction, they tend to upend into something malevolent. Because social perfection seems curiously creepy, even fictional utopias become dystopias. Accordingly, futuristic novels tend to vacillate between the horrors of chaos and the horrors of order.

Collectively, the literature asks which is more frightening: Personally, I find visions of absolute social control even scarier than mayhem.


My aversion may be a common one, which would explain why Brave New World and have become such classics. We seem to abhor the prospect of being bossed around, which warms the cockles of my anti-authoritarian heart.

With a wink to the reader, a character in The Mandibles asserts: Following the industrial revolution, the bogeyman was automation, which might put everyone out of work.

Compare handmaids tale and 1984

Automation has made people bigger. These wimps are easy prey for the animalistic humans below ground, who eat them for breakfast. Thus Wells plays two more terrors against each other: Individual identity is erased: The march of communism and the Second World War inspired further novels about totalitarianism, of which the most enduring is George Orwell describes a world of total state surveillance, where love and independent thought are treasonous and patriotism is maintained with an endless phoney war.

In the atomic age, fact and fantasy fused.

English comparing 1984 the handmaids tale essay

Nagasaki and Hiroshima proved that we could now eradicate all life on our planet outside the pages of a book. Indeed, the post-apocalypse novel has become so established that authors depicting the ravages of nuclear holocaust could rightly be accused of laziness.

I love the scene in which one character, pointlessly but compulsively, plants a garden.

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Perhaps the most unbearable future of all is one in which there is no future. During the s, sci-fi set a spotlight on oppressive social conformity. In The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, anyone different is murdered. More recently, the genre has turned to the tyranny of aesthetic conformity.

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Rather, it blends a number of approaches and formats in a radical departure from predictable sci-fi or thriller fiction or feminist literature.

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