Essay about earthquake in haiti 2010

The earthquake occurred at On the 24 January, at least 52 aftershocks measuring 4. The ground shook vigorously for two minutes.

Essay about earthquake in haiti 2010

Haiti may seem far away for many but they are us, our human race, in need. Please give generously to our cause. Resources Rayner, G (). Haiti earthquake, death toll may hit , Haiti is a very good example of this; ever since the magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in , it seems as though everything has gone wrong for them. 1. Haitian Living Over eighty percent of the population of Haiti is below the poverty line. Jan 12,  · The terrible earthquake that stroke Haiti on January 12th, affected around three million people, with between , and , dead (Physics Today, ). Measured 7. 0 according to the earthquake magnitude, the Haiti quake became the most powerful and the most devastating in the region over the last years (Physics Today, ).

In the aftermath, there were claims of looting and sexual violence. According to the ICGthe media exaggerated these events.

In a survey carried in March the same yearit was found that most people living in camps felt insecure. Their insecurity emanated from various cases of rape, violence, and the emergence of gangs and the presence of jail escapees. Not only were the children exposed to physical insecurity but also to emotional insecurity as they did not have someone they could rely on to help them achieve their dreams or even someone who could provide for their needs Republic of Haiti The earthquake also left init wake over 5,disability cases which include about tetraplegia cases Republic of Haiti Victims were also left exposed to various forms of abuses due to congestion, poor lighting IRC Women and young girls were left exposed to violence, and hence the Human Response Working Group advocated for improved access to shelter, food and for provision of separate sanitation.

As well they advocated for improved lighting. United States of America and the Republic of Canada sent its military to help the relief and recovery efforts. The appeal was published worldwide more quickly than usual due to the enormous impact of the disaster.

These conferences sought to prepare for donations which would be given to the Haiti people. The world donated fully where half the American Households were reported to have donated. By 23rd March, the U. UNOSAT and Google Earth were the first to carry out the damage assessments where they provided an approximation of the damage and number of people displaced.

The interviews which were originally carried out in Creole language were a translated to French thus possible changes might have taken place. The questionnaire was so long and involving, requiring approximately three hours to fill out as it was a 12 pages document.

There were incomplete datasets which occurred as a result of uncompleted surveys due to transport constraints.The Haiti earthquake was of the strike-slip type, meaning that the two tectonic plates on the both sides of the fault moved in opposite directions – the Caribbean Plate went east, while the Gonvave Platelet moved to the west (Physics Today, ).

In January 12, an earthquake of a magnitude of hit the nation of Haiti. An estimation of , people were killed, and more than million Haitians were . Essay about earthquake in haiti before and after.

Haiti earthquake essay

Essay about earthquake in haiti before and after. 4 stars based on reviews Essay.

Essay about earthquake in haiti 2010

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The Haiti Earthquake The Haiti earthquake was the worst earthquake to hit the island in years/5(1). Essay about Haiti Earthquake of - The Haiti Earthquake of was one of the most powerful earthquakes of recent history.

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It had a magnitude of This massive and destructive earthquake occurred on January 12, at approximately p.m. Haiti may seem far away for many but they are us, our human race, in need. Please give generously to our cause.

Resources Rayner, G (). Haiti earthquake, death toll may hit ,

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