Essays on joseph cornell

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Essays on joseph cornell

Nestled into the shelves are works by eccentric 20th-century American artist Joseph Cornell, intimate constructions in which the Victorian pastime of shadow-box-building meets the disjunctive poetry of surrealism.

Self-contained and glassed-in, these w Filling In the Boxes Art collector Robert Lehrman goes digital to give the public a more complete picture of Joseph Cornell.

Self-contained and glassed-in, these worlds in miniature teem with birds and ballerinas, star charts and sand, marbles and Medici princesses.

It's an art of collecting, and Lehrman has, in turn, assembled one of the foremost collections of Cornell's art. But then when I went to handle this box It's one in a series of "dovecotes," gridded structures whose compartments are reminiscent of those in a pigeon hutch. In each of 12 cells, a blue marble is cradled by the chimney from a tiny hurricane lamp.

The piece is an homage to Emily Dickinson—and to a friend of the poet's, also named Emily, who "would, of course, visit her in her whitewashed New England home in Amherst, Essays on joseph cornell.

Joseph cornell s vision of spiritual order essays in art and culture

And when I went to handle it"—at this point, Lehrman lifts the piece from the shelf and gently shakes it, coaxing a glassy tinkling from its contents—"[it] just had a white, winter sound, almost like horses' sleigh bells upon her arrival.

If you've viewed Cornell's work at the Museum of Modern Art or the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, where Lehrman is chair of the board of trustees, you've likely peered at it through the walls of a vitrine.

It may never have occurred to you that it was made to be touched, that much of it has movable parts, and that some of it was meant not Essays on joseph cornell to be seen, but also to be heard.

Lehrman, an heir to the Giant Food fortune who also practiced entertainment law, began exploring Cornell 20 years ago on the advice of his "art-world mentor," Walter Hopps, the legendary curator who conceived the Joseph Cornell Study Center at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.


Once Lehrman acquired his first box, inthere was no looking back. It's rare to find a Cornell book of recent vintage that doesn't thank Lehrman in its acknowledgments; it's rarer still to find one that doesn't use images of work from his collection. A Convergence of Birds, edited by Everything Is Illuminated wunderkind Jonathan Safran Foer, for example, has a particularly fine Lehrman "aviary" as Cornell's bird-themed pieces are dubbed on the cover, and others on tipped-in plates inside.

Over his two-decades-plus as a collector, Lehrman has repeatedly become involved in such projects, hosting scholars, lending work, and funding exhibitions.

Essays on joseph cornell

In the case of Cornell, however, he felt compelled to do more. So he organized the Voyager Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to art-educational enterprises, and three years ago began work. This fall, in honor of the artist's centennial, Voyager released its inaugural project, Joseph Cornell: But its real reason for being is secreted inside the back cover: But the photos were never satisfactory, lacking even the fidelity of magazine reproductions.

Clicking through the National Museum of American Art's CD-ROM, say, wasn't nearly as illuminating as going downtown for a visit—and when it was superseded by the museum's Web site, anyone with a high-speed connection was unlikely ever to drop it in the drawer again.

Lehrman's crucial insight was that to understand Cornell as he had come to understand him—as an artist who was "trying to reflect his love through his work to share it with the world"—one had to come by that knowledge as he had come by it: By enlisting a crew of professionals ranging from local artwork photographer Mark Gulezian to British multimedia company Cognitive Applications, Lehrman has attempted to offer that collector's prerogative to just about anybody.

And the way I ended up framing it was, Would I rather have one more Cornell box I thought the latter would be the much more rewarding course. Although Lehrman missed the show, he has more than made up for it since. The disc is filled with amazingly sharp and detailed photos not only of Cornell's works, but also of numerous examples of his raw materials, ranging from cut-out paper owls mounted on wood to spangly, yellowing Superballs, all of which were assiduously collected, categorized, and filed away in boxes of their own.

There is also a plethora of movies—the artist's own films, interviews with those who knew him, and a rare documentary. His pieces don't really survive being placed at a distance. The opening late last month of a show drawn largely from Lehrman's holdings at New York's Feigen Gallery, for instance, was packed with art-world luminaries, but there was barely room to move: If you wanted to see the box over in the corner, you had to wait until Christo and Jeanne-Claude were through looking.

Still, it was something of a wonder that most of Lehrman's boxes weren't in cases but perched on shallow shelves and fixed in place with friction brackets. It was even more of a miracle that nobody put an elbow through one of them before the evening was out.

The piece consists of a chest containing 12 stoppered bottles, each filled with beads or pigments or, in one case, a photo half-buried in yellow sand.Essays in Art and Culture: Joseph Cornell's Vision of Spiritual Order by See more like this. Joseph Cornell Museum of Modern Art McShine, Kynaston Hard Cover MRC.

Sharing Nature With Children, Cornell, Joseph Bharat,, Book, Good.

Essays on joseph cornell

· Paperback. out of 5 stars. Published: Mon, 05 Feb Introduction. My dissertation explores the power of engagement exerted on the viewer by the boxed constructions of Joseph Cornell.

These boxes have fascinated me for many years, giving me an irresistible urge to satisfy my curiosity. Oct 27,  · Joseph Cornell has ratings and 14 reviews. Originally published to celebrate the centennial of Joseph Cornell's birth in , this text provides a f /5(14).

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The boxes and collages constructed by Joseph Cornell (–72) are among the most intriguing and beguiling works of art made this century.

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