Expatriate training and support

Tell me about your former life as a banker in Switzerland. During my 35 years in banking I went from the commercial banking side to training and human resources to quality management, finally becoming a managing director and head of private banking services of UBS in Switzerland, a unit with around 1, employees.

Expatriate training and support

The purpose of this paper is to determine if the independent variables; location of an international assignment, the age of an expatriate, the duration of an assignment and the management level of an expatriate, influence the preparation, support and training that they require for an international assignment.


This formal, empirical study was undertaken using an electronic questionnaire that was distributed to expatriates who were on an international assignment. Expatriates who were on an international assignment were thought to be in the best position to respond to their preparation, support and training needs.

The research found that the preparation, support and training required by South African expatriates are not influenced by the location of an international assignment, the age of the expatriate, the duration of an international assignment or the management level of the expatriate.

Expatriate training and support

The findings highlight the fact that human resource managers of South African multinational enterprises should provide all their expatriates with the same preparation, support and training, as well as identifies five requirements that should be included in all South African expatriate policies.PART B: Protected content part of the questionnaire is concerned with the type of training and support offered by your company for your expatriate assignment.

PART C: Protected content part deals with your satisfaction with the international assignment and the training and support you received by .

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training has become perceived as a means of ensuring successful expatriate performance (Dowling & Welch, ). In an effort to attain global competitiveness, multinational. Jul 31,  · Expatriate Orientation – Why, What, When? Posted on May 30, by Warren Heaps | 5 Comments.

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Author: meetings assist the assignee and their family in understanding the common practices in their new home location and help support them during the settling in process, as well as preparing the family for culture shock.

From Training. As this presentation is based on international training and development, we will be relating the presentation to the training and development not only required by, but also that provided by expatriate employees in an organisation. To prepare & support imminent expatriate employees in .

Expatriate Selection, Training and Support Essay

France - The French lifestyle is envied around the world. From chic and cultured Paris to the vineyards and sunflower fields of Provence, France continues to attract expats with its style, scenery and a cuisine that promotes eating to an art form.

Expatriate training and support

While cultural training may be an expression of organizational support, and such training may help smooth out language differences, increasing sociability is not a primary outcome of cultural training.

Expatriate training must include preparation for psychological and socio-cultural changes