Five year plan example essays for student

A business plan is the document organization leaders use to describe the existing state of the organization and where it wants to be at various future points of time. According to the Small Business Administration, there are three basic purposes to a business plan: A five-year business plan is often used by start-up companies as part of the documents provided to potential investors or bankers. Successful plans explain the company strengths, industry trends and offers financial projections in a way that generates excitement and confidence in readers.

Five year plan example essays for student

Alamy Jamie Clelland, geography subject lead and joint acting head of humanities, Wollaston SchoolNorthamptonshire From my NQT year I set myself two goals; firstly that within five years I wanted to be a head of department and secondly I wanted to teach in two schools.

I am in my fifth year of teaching now and have achieved both. Experience is important in any responsibility in a school, though waiting for it to happen sometimes isn't enough. Most schools offer plenty of opportunities in the form of small responsibilities or teaching and learning responsibilities TLRs.

My advice is to take them. Finding a mini promotion gives new challenges and allows you to take ownership of something and make it your own. I was able to get a responsibility in my second year to do with extra curricular activities and the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme, and also volunteer on various other projects to do with the virtual learning environment VLE and a house role.

Rather than make big jumps between positions these smaller steps allow you build up to larger responsibilities, and also show a clear progression in your career. So what happens next?

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Well I've been planning for the end result from day one. I want to be a headteacher and I know the route I want to take, but do I have another five year plan? It definitely becomes more complicated from the position I now have, mainly thinking about how long do you have to teach before you can move into senior leadership?

This is an unknown area for me, but I feel like the cycle starts again. I am taking opportunities and gaining experience in a new school so that over the next five years I can apply for jobs that I feel I am capable of and probably some that might be just beyond me — most schools love ambition.

Whatever stage you're at in your teaching career, and wherever you want to go, I believe you can follow the same path. Be enthusiastic, have the students' success at the centre of your teaching, and enjoy it.

five year plan example essays for student

Ultimately that is what makes a great teacher at any position on the ladder. Gary King, assistant principal and ICT teacher, Tavistock College I am currently working through the third year of my five year career plan.

During this period I have progressed from middle leadership into senior leadership; I wanted to be in a position where I could make a difference at a whole college level. I believe that it's extremely important to balance loyalty with aspiration and not be perceived as over ambitious or ambitious for the wrong reasons.

Colleagues can react to this is in a negative way. I think it's crucial for teachers to devise a career development plan such as this. It helps you to map out your proposed intentions. However, like any good lesson plan, don't be scared to deviate from it when other opportunities arise.

I have instigated continuous professional development opportunities for myself but I have also had the support from the principal of my school, who believes in nurturing future leaders.

I consider this support and belief is essential in one's career development.

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I have undertaken numerous internal and external CPD opportunities closely linked to my aspirations. Without these development opportunities, I would suggest that my career progression could have been restricted.

As I move towards the end of my five-year plan I now need time to embed, consolidate and measure the impact of my work, particularly in terms of outcomes for young people.

I feel that not only is this important evidence for my own progression but also to build sustainable systems for others when I make that move, as good leaders grow more leaders. Ultimately I have an aspiration to become a headteacher within the next 10 years.My Career Plan for next 5 year Essay; My Career Plan for next 5 year Essay.

Words Jul 31st, 4 Pages. American University in Georgia in and i was the best student of the university. Five-Year Career Development Plan Essay.

five year plan example essays for student

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5-Year Plan and Self-Development Portfolio Essay Sample

The first Five-year Plan was launched in and two subsequent five-year plans were formulated till , when there was a break because of the Indo-Pakistan Conflict.

Two successive years of drought, devaluation of the currency, a general rise in prices and erosion of resources disrupted the planning process and after three Annual Plans . We have hatched a year plan to pay off all debt (student loans, med school loans, and two mortgages).

Inside that, we plan to celebrate my 40th bday and our 20th anniversary by taking the fam to New Zealand in If all this works, we may move overseas when my twin girls turn 16 in Share your dreams together and plan on how to achieve them during the five year period.

Simply enlist your adjustable areas from the first to the last year and compare notes after the end of the five year term.

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