Hermes the olympian

Olympians[ edit ] The Olympians were a race of deitiesprimarily consisting of a third and fourth generation of immortal beings, worshipped as the principal gods of the Greek pantheon and so named because of their residency atop Mount Olympus. They gained their supremacy in a ten-year-long war of godsin which Zeus led his siblings to victory over the previous generation of ruling gods, the Titans.

Hermes the olympian

NB Click on thumbnails to view full-size images. II Other Classical Depictions of Hermes Hermes was also depicted in classical statues, "hermae", stone reliefs, frescoes and coins.

Though he was laid out in swaddling-clothes with her winnowing-basket for a cradle, he escaped and made his way to Pieria, where he stole some cattle that Apollon was tending.

To keep from being discovered by the tracks, he put boots on their feet and led them to Pylos. He Hermes the olympian them in a grotto, except for two which he sacrificed, pinning up their hides on rocks, boiling some of the meat for his meal and burning the rest.

Outside the cave he found a tortoise feeding. He cleaned it out, and stretched across the shell strings made from the cattle he had sacrificed, and when he had thus devised a lyre he also invented a plectrum. Meanwhile Apollon reached Pylos in his search for the cattle, and asked the locals about them.

They told him that they had indeed seen a boy driving some cattle, but they could not say where they had been driven because there were no tracks to be found.

So Apollon learned who the thief was by divine science, and made his way to Maia on Kyllene to charge Hermes. Maia, however, showed Apollon the baby in his swaddling-clothes, whereupon Apollon took him to Zeus and demanded his cattle. When Zeus told Hermes to return them, he denied everything, but since his father would not believe him, he led Apollon to Pylos and gave him back his cattle.

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Then, when Apollon heard the lyre, he exchanged the cattle for that. Covetous also of this, Apollon offered him the golden staff which he held when he herded cattle. But Hermes wanted both the staff and proficiency in the art of prophecy in return for the pipe.

So he was taught how to prophesy by means of pebbles, and gave Apollon the pipe. And Zeus made Hermes his personal herald and messenger of the gods beneath the earth.

ApollodorusThe Library 3. Now this Battos used to live on the top of the rock and when he heard the voice of the heifers as they were being driven past, he came out from his own place, and knew that the cattle were stolen. So he asked for a reward to tell no one about them.

Hermes promised to give it him on these terms, and Battos swore to say nothing to anyone about the cattle. But when Hermes had hidden them in the cliff by Koryphasion, and had driven them into a cave facing towards Italia and Sikelia, he changed himself and came again to Battos and tried whether he would be true to him as he had vowed.

So, offering him a robe as a reward, he asked of him whether he had noticed stolen cattle being driven past. And Battos took the robe and told him about the cattle. But Hermes was angry because he was double-tongued, and struck him with his staff and changed him into a rock.

And either frost or heat never leaves him.

Welcome to the Home of Hermes

When Hera discovered them, Zeus touched the girl, changed her into a white cow, and swore that he hand not had sex with her Hera demanded the cow from Zeus, and assigned Argos Panoptes as its guard Argos tied the cow to an olive tree in the grove of the Mykenaians.Hermes is the fastest of all the Olympian gods whether in running or flying.

He can run on land at supersonic speeds (the speed of sound is mph at sea level) and is capable of flight at speeds just below that of the speed of light -- , miles per second.

Hermes is the Greek god of roads, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, athletes, and mail deliverers. His Roman counterpart is Mercury. His symbol is the Caduceus.

Hermes the olympian

Hermes was born sometime after the First Titan War to Zeus, king of the gods, and the Pleiad Maia. (According to the Gender: Male.

HERMES - Greek God of Herds & Trade, Herald of the Gods (Roman Mercury)

For human mortals, Hermes is the god of eloquence, commerce, cunning, astronomy, music, and the art of fighting. As a god of commerce, Hermes is also known as the inventor of the alphabet, numbers, measures, and weights.

As the god of the art of fighting, Hermes is a patron of gymnastics. Hermes the Olympian (The Trismegistus Trilogy) - Kindle edition by David Rosser.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Hermes the Olympian (The Trismegistus Trilogy)/5(7). "[Hermes stole the cattle of Apollon and brought them] past Mainalos [in Arkadia] and what are called the watch-posts of Battos.

Now this Battos used to live on the top of the rock and when he heard the voice of the heifers as they were being driven past, he came out . Hermes is the winged herald and messenger of the Olympian gods.

In addition, he is also a divine trickster, and the god of roads, flocks, commerce, and thieves. In addition, he is also a divine trickster, and the god of roads, flocks, commerce, and thieves.

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