How to write a short song review

Writing a song review is fun and simple. Why do you like the; song, lyrics, video, band, singer, vocals, melody, style, mood, production quality, song title, band name, album, music genre? Does the video match the song?

How to write a short song review

Source What Is Slicethepie? No special musical skill or knowledge is required as the site wants the opinion of the wide general public. In recent years, it has also enabled members to give reviews on fashionable clothes and phone cases, but those are more of a sideline, so this article is only concerned with the music side of Slicethepie and how to write song reviews.

How Much Does it Pay? The payment depends on several factors, such as the quality and length of the review, member rank, and whether extra bonuses are being offered at the time.

The best part is being involved in giving valuable feedback to up-and-coming musicians who put their songs out there to see what kind of reception they can expect from the general public—us!

SliceThePie Tips SliceThePie Tips Start writing the moment the song starts. Since you get 90 seconds before you can submit the review you can take longertry to figure out what the song is all about.
Creating a Structure for Your Music Review Have some plate glass you need shattering for an art project, perhaps? Well procure yourself some ear protection and pull this puppy up on YouTube.

Artists who get the highest ratings from the reviewers can become eligible for financing to set them on the road to commercial success.

Writing a Review Describing Musical Elements Here are some musical features that come up in a typical song. You can comment on any features of the song you feel are worth commenting on. Imagine a song that you know well, and focus on the following features as it plays in your mind.

Intro If the song has an intro, what do you think of it? Some intros are atmospheric and capture your imagination from the start or they establish a good beat that sets up the song. They do what an intro is supposed to do: Vocal melody What do you think of it?

Is it the kind of tune melody that would be easy to remember?

how to write a short song review

How about the singer? Listen to his or her vocal quality. Is it a rich tone?

Nov 15,  · Watch Shaun's Smrt Live Class live for free on YouTube every Thursday at 17 00 GMT (17 00 GMT = Become a Premium Subscriber: http://w. Short sentences are gospel truths when it comes to clear, concise writing. In fact, no lesson about writing for the web is complete without the statement “use short sentences.”. And who is not going to use short sentences when they were cherished by Papa?Nobody. Because you . How to Write a Music Review. A good music review makes the reviewer's opinion absolutely clear, 2. Don't quote more than a few choice lyrics and don't analyze every song in detail. Make your points with one or two good examples. Some potential points to talk about: a.

Or is it thin? How expressively do they sing the lyrics? How consistent is their vocal quality? They may sound great until they try to get the high notes and go all screechy.

how to write a short song review

Lyrics Can you make them out? But you can still hear the flow of words. All good songwriters choose words and phrases not just for their meaning but also for their sound and natural rhythmic quality.

Are they deep and meaningful, or shallow and childish? A lot to choose from there. The Instrumental Arrangement The qualities to listen out for are: Rhythm Is there a solid beat and strong engaging rhythm that grabs you and carries you along?

Not all great songs are catchy. Rhythmic effects can be flowing, subtle, pronounced, complex, etc. Instrumental variety and balance If a song has a rich variety of interesting instruments, it may be more distinctive and memorable. The arrangement also has to be tasteful and suit the mood of the song, however.

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For example, a saxophone is a very expressive instrument, but would be out of place in many styles of music. If a song has an accompaniment of just a single strummed guitar, for example, listen to how effectively or not the artist makes it interesting by varying the rhythm or dynamics and avoids a boring mechanical strum throughout.

Rather than enhance the song, overuse makes it sound cheap and amateurish. Among less talented musicians, digital effects are often used in a vain attempt to compensate for a lack of musical quality. Be Descriptive You can make your review more interesting and meaningful by using a wide variety of well-chosen words and phrases.

Use words that are more descriptive and specific. The reason that your opinion is valuable is because, unlike the artists themselves and their friends and familiesyou can be completely objective. The artists can be too closely involved with the music to hear faults and weaknesses.

They need an objective and unbiased opinion and any advice you may have.Elvis Costello recorded a cover version of the song in for the soundtrack of the film Notting version of the song peaked at number 19 in the United Kingdom, giving Costello his first top 20 hit in the United Kingdom in 16 years.

How to write the perfect album review As launches 3 million new album pages, Alexis Petridis offers tips on how to write the perfect review • Write your own review of almost. How to Write a Music Review.

A good music review makes the reviewer's opinion absolutely clear, 2. Don't quote more than a few choice lyrics and don't analyze every song in detail.

Make your points with one or two good examples. Some potential points to talk about: a. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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