How to write an art commission proposal

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How to write an art commission proposal

These requirements will provide the framework of your submission proposal and it is up to you to make the most of them. As a general guideline, everything you submit to a professional organization should look as though it came from someone who is professional themselves.

This means that all written content is free of spelling and grammatical errors, images of your work are impeccable, the package is neat and organized, and most importantly, the submission has fulfilled all the requirements of entry in an appropriate and thoughtful way.

Conveying your understanding of the themes and goals of the organization you wish to do business with and articulating a relationship to your work is essential.

If you are submitting your work to an organization outside the context of a call for submission, the above rules still apply; only you will be responsible for developing the submission guidelines. If possible, speak to other artists and knowledgeable persons to get a sense of what your submission should include, and look broadly at submission guidelines that have been published by similar institutions.

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Finally, put yourself in the shoes of the probably busy person receiving your submission. Can the information in your proposal be absorbed relatively quickly? Is your contact information easy to find? Do your sentences convey your thoughts clearly and succinctly? You may find it helpful to have someone unfamiliar with your work review your submission before you send it off.

The call is for the Desmond Juried Art Exhibition. Here are the details: Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, June 28th at 5: A juried exhibition exploring the themes of small towns and rural living in Canada. All Canadian artists are invited to submit works in any media completed within 24 months of the entry deadline.

Submission in jpeg file format is preferred. Maximum 3 entries per artist. When is the deadline? Can you put together an application in this time?

If yes continue with the process. This exhibition is looking for work that is celebreating Canadian rural living, does your work fall into this category?

Are there any restrictions ex. They are looking any type of media but the work has to have been completed in the past 24 months. Have you made new work in this time period? Pay attention to the location. If you are living outside of the area can you travel to attend the opening?

Will be able to pay for the shipping of the work? Note the image submission details. They would prefer work to be sent as jpeg files.

how to write an art commission proposal

It is important to do your very best to meet these types of preferences. Notice they are asking for a submission fee common for juried exhibitions. Can you pay this? Do you want to pay this?

Also notice that they will be taking a commission on work that is sold. Be sure to price your work accordingly. Is there a limit to what you can send in? This call is only accepting 3 works per artist.

Make sure that if there is a limit you do not to send more than this. Make sure that the three files you send in your submission are titled accordingly.

Start Early

Whenever you are applying to something new be sure to do some research. Are these exhibitions well attended?Database of competition cases dealt with by the European Commission (antitrust, cartels, mergers, State aid, liberalisation).

The need for an art proposal template is in the fact that you need people for your art exhibition or event to become a success, and the template helps you get that attention. Normally when you are SEO proposal template conducting an art exhibition, you must see to it that you are creating maximum awareness for the exhibition or art workshop.

Writing is learned best with examples, and preparing a sample writing proposal can be as challenging as writing up an actual one. Once completed, a good sample proposal for public art can serve as a useful template for future projects.


Writing it up section-by-section is the most practical way to proceed. For more general proposals, such as for grants, make sure the images you select accurately represent your work. Complete the proposal by including all the required elements. You may need a methodology and budget section if you're writing an artistic grant proposal.

Revise your proposal as many times as possible before submitting the final product.

how to write an art commission proposal

Time-Table of Examination TIME: A.M – A.M AND P.M – P.M COURSE NAME: SHIFT:: DATE:: SUBJECT(S) In view of the admission programmes in various universities and institutions .

It's about carefully considering the objectives for the commission and deciding how you can creatively approach these in-line with your artistic practice.

Developing a proposal To develop a strong proposal you might give time to think through ideas and to write and assemble material.

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