Internet classroom vs traditional essay

While these courses may offer a level on convenience, they can be problematic, because they lack some of the distinctive advantages that classroom learning has to offer. This article will take a closer look at why your high school student may be best off in a classroom setting rather than completing coursework through online programs. Hands-on learning experiences Whether it is through classroom-based discussions or scientific experiments, physical classrooms are able to offer more methods of interaction than online classrooms can provide.

Internet classroom vs traditional essay

I can definitely relate to this question. The rest of my Masters work was all traditional classroom instruction even though it was a cohort experience. The summer of the on-line class was completely different.

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In a cohort traditional college experience, we worked in teams for almost everything we did. In the summer on-line class we were totally working as individuals.

There was still an instructor, but the instruction wasn't so direct. Each lesson was based around an activity, rather than the usual direct instruction and then work together on a project. In the on-line class, the project was the instruction. It was more like a puzzle you had to figure out rather than applying what you learned from direct instruction to a project.

In the on-line class, there was also a lot more reflection and communication with the other students in the form of telling each other what you learned from working the project puzzle by yourself. It was nice to stay at home and work from my computer, but I also missed the camaraderie Internet classroom vs traditional essay working with a team.

In working with a team, you also could offer what you were best at doing, which made the entire process easier. You could put all of your energy into what you were good at doing, instead of trying to stretch yourself into fifty different directions learning a lot of new skills while trying to work on some of the biggest school projects you had ever attempted to complete.

In the on-line class, you had to figure many of the things that were new to you out on your own, while learning from the process at the same time, and while reflecting on it as well.

The on-line learning was very isolating and made the students feel like they didn't have a lot of support. The traditional classroom experience was not as challenging, but when we got stuck on something, we could work it out within our team and we felt that we had support from one another to get through it.

This is how I would integrate on-line learning in to my classroom. I would have my students complete on-line learning activities in pairs after direct instruction. This way the students would still have the structure of the direct instruction, the support of a team, and the independent research approach of the on-line learning experience.

Since many people who want to go back to college are trying online programs, more and more employers are accepting these programs as legitimate learning programs. But there are still those who believe that the education received does not match the quality of the traditional college environment.

There are many pros and cons to online learning. For some, online programs are a perfect fit. Those that need a more structured learning environment should try a traditional college degree program.

Internet classroom vs traditional essay

Below is a comparison of distance learning and traditional colleges degree programs. Students can arrange their study time around their work schedule.

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This will ease some of the stress associated with the return to college. The cost of attending an online program may be less than traditional college tuition.

Students will not have to travel to class, which will save them even more time. Most programs will not require textbooks, which will save students money.Future of Education: Online vs. Classroom Essay. George Villalta ENC Mrs - Future of Education: Online vs. Classroom Essay introduction. Cobb Teach Me Something New Ever since Plato founded the school of Athens during the days of Ancient Greece, and students have been taught by a teacher face to face in a classroom.

As universities make greater use of Internet resources, online classes have continued to grow in popularity and effectiveness. Online courses let students learn at their own pace, accomplish assignments on their own schedules and acquire the same knowledge as they would in a traditional, classroom-based course.

Question: What are the Pros and cons of Technology Enabled Learning vs Traditional Classroom Training? Instructor Lead Training Pro’s Develops passion and motivation with classroom interaction. Distance Learning vs. the Traditional Classroom Non-traditional students are finding it easier and easier to maintain a job, a family, and pursuing a college career at the same time.

Jun 28,  · Why Traditional Classroom Learning is Better than Online Courses. Updated on November 8, Sethughes.

more. Just remember, not all people are fit for traditional classroom setting. For some people, online class is the best method. As for me, I can finish a textbook in a day or two and concentrate more on topics that I need Reviews: Jun 11,  · Despite the rapid growth of online learning, many college students say they still prefer the traditional classroom setting.

According to results of a new national research study, 78% of .

Internet classroom vs traditional essay
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