Positive teacher comments for essays

The same methods can be used to tackle other dreaded tasks. Sitting on your desk is a pile of essays that need to be marked. There might be just 10 or 20, or maybe 50, or more.

Positive teacher comments for essays

Behavior consistently makes good choices in all parts of the school day. Work Habits always completes daily assignments in a timely manner. Social Skills is always willing to help a classmate. Communication effectively participates in a range of conversations with diverse partners.

Reading retells events from a story in a sequential manner. Writing shows strong knowledge and application of writing conventions such as capitalization and punctuation.

I especially liked [examples of what the student wrote that you felt was well done]. She stays on topic and uses relevant details. Math knows basic math facts addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Set a Goal While the students may be learning and growing, there is always room for improvement.

Preparation: Using a Student Writing Checklist

Provide at least one specific goal that you will be working on with the student the following quarter. Use all of the comments above to help you set your goals. Simply add beginnings such as: Your child would benefit from.

This quarter we will be working on. I would like to see your child work on.

One area for improvement is. I let them know how proud I am of what they have been doing, and how I look forward to what is to come: I am so proud of all you have accomplished. Keep up the wonderful things you are doing! You are an amazing student, and you truly shine!

I can hardly wait to see how you impress me during the next quarter! You have had a terrific quarter, and I am confident the next one will be even better! Save Your Comments I write my comments in a Word document, then save them every year to look back at.

This helps jog my memory, and old comments often serve as a platform that I build new ones upon. Again, here is a look at a collection of comments I have saved from previous years.Giving Feedback: Sample Performance Review Comments for Training Professionals Joni Rose January 13, Supervising Training Professionals If you are a training manager and are supervising instructors or other training staff, you will need to provide them with feedback in the form of a performance review comments.

You might also find relevant information in other sections of this online guide, for example, Working with Student Writing (for working with student essays), Academic Misconduct (for addressing cheating and plagiarism), and Evaluating and Improving Your Teaching (for assessing and learning from your efforts).


This document is an outcome of the project funded by the University of Sydney Teaching Improvement and Equipment Scheme: Feedback in the Sciences: what is wanted, what is given, and.

Positive teacher comments for essays

dialogue about their teachers’ comments on their writing. The article claims much value. BIBLIOGRAPHY 63 evaluation: portfolios, positive response, an analytic grid, peer response, and modified grading contracts.

He argues that liking the paper should precede improving the faults. Improving Student Writing Using Feedback as a Teaching Tool By Shelley Stagg Peterson if it is given while students are in the process of writing drafts. Comments on for teaching writing, and teaching writing using digital technology and multimedia.

Tips for writing positive report card comments that give parents and future teachers an accurate picture of each student. Report Card Comments to Use Now By Genia Connell.

Grades PreK–K As a teacher, it is our duty to be truthful, but we also need to be tactful.

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