Reality tv research essay

Reality Tv has become a huge part of our society today. It seems that everyday there is a new reality show being introduced to the millions of eager viewers ready to delve into shows such as My LB Life and The Bad Girls Club.

Reality tv research essay

Rough Draft Reality Television Today while watching a movie on cable, there were four to five minute breaks of commercials.

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Most of these commercials consisted of new reality shows. If they were not new, it was dates for when the old ones would make a comeback. Reality Reality tv research essay has been in our lives since the 's. Slocum Although, the shows that were on years ago were much less vulgar.

It seems as though reality T. Throughout the rest of this research paper we will talk about the positive and negative effects of reality television on it's viewers and how it effects the American culture of today's society.

Although reality TV is known for the negativity, it does have some positive effects as well. There are some shows that are not all about the drama and or sex appeal.

Paper Sample On The Subject Of How Reality TV Affects Teens

Nancy Borg And these are only a few of them. Some of the previous mentioned shows are known to send a message of "never letting go of dreams" also to be as authentic to yourself as possible. Nancy Borg Sending that message to viewers gives all people hope to believe in their dreams.

Gives viewers some sort of thrill without them actually experiencing what is happening to the reality stars. Newswise The previous quote tells us that the viewers of reality television are living through the stars instead of mimicking their actions.

Seeing others disasters is a way for them to live through them without actually engaging in the activity. Reality televisions shows are also known to create an open-mind for some teenagers, causing them to be more vocal in social and world issues.

HubPages These teenagers having an open-mind allows them to stand up for what they believe in.

Reality tv research essay

They will have more opinions on certain issues, are are more likely to voice them. There may be some hope, since not all reality shows are pointless! Even though there are positive effects of reality television, the negative effects seem to out way the good ones.

Reality stars are becoming role models to teenagers rather than their peers or parents. Usually their role models might be someone from maybe a regular TV program, but they might look at these "real" shows for their way of doing things.

Reality TV shows also seem to reward people for their bad behavior. You see cops and expect people to be arrested for their bad behavior, knowing that is what is supposed to happen in real life. Then you have people like Snooki on Jersey Shore whom gets arrested and put on for more air time.

Almost like it was just threw away as nothing. Another point Tom Green states in his article for the Huffington Post is that back in the day you get pregnant at 16, you get into trouble.

You do not end up with your own TV show. Reality television is also known to corrupt the mind of our youth. Shows, they should be having pointless fights and being best friends the next day.

They deserve to live innocent until old enough to know what is really going on around them. Hopefully one day someone will make a drastic change. Finally we will talk about how reality television effects the American culture.

Reality television is a reflection on our society today. There are many different ways it effects our daily lives. V show, our society feels it is necessary to talk about it with people we would not normally interact with.

People are addicted to all different shows, and the Internet allows everyone to talk about them with different types of fans. Allowing the shows to take over that much more of their lives. Shows make us seem ignorant to other countries.

Overall, most of these programs don't give off a positive portrayal of America's society as a whole. It seems as though these shows are driving young kids too be driven by money and fame.

Ten percent of British teenagers say they would abandon their chances of a good education if they could become a star on reality television. Perritano Although the previous statement is from a British survey, it does show that young kids believe it is OK to be put into a television show for no reason to make money.

If only the networks would put on education reality shows, showing other countries we are not as ignorant as we might seem.The first reality show as we know it today seems to be An American Family aired in It portrayed how a typical family went through a divorce.

We can write a Custom Research Paper on Reality TV for you! In the late 80s, the reality show formats continued to evolve. Reality TV shows have impacted society negatively because they uphold bad morals, destroy relationships, and exploit their stars.

One reason reality TV shows have negatively impacted society is the way that these TV shows uphold bad morals. Excerpt from Research Proposal: Reality Television: A Media Psychological Literature Review Media Psychology The research will examine and study aspects of reality television programming from a media psychological perspective and with media psychological methods.

- Reality TV Research Why is that reality TV shows instead of encouraging, end up discouraging someone.

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Reality tv research essay