Response to 12th night

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Response to 12th night

Night Five Last night's setlist was Friday 30th September Royal Albert Hall: Night Four Last night's setlist was For up-to-date photos from Polly Samson, click here.

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Thursday 29th September Royal Albert Hall: Night Three Last night's setlist was Monday 26th September Royal Albert Hall: Night Two Last night's setlist was Saturday 24th September Royal Albert Hall: The Times; 26th September. David Gilmour at Royal Albert Hall The Pink Floyd legend returned for a victory lap after last year's run and demonstrated that he is still at the top of his game David Gilmour is an all-time guitar great at the top of his game.

David Gilmour once explained his ethos as "seeking bliss in music". As the Pink Floyd legend returned to the Albert Hall for a victory lap after last year's five-date run, the effects of his intentions felt palpable.

It set the tone for a evening in which Gilmour's resistance to mere nostalgia once again made for a precarious balance between totemic Floyd oldies and his less pulse-troubling solo material.

While the show's first half found room for Wish You Were Here, Money and The Great Gig in the Sky wailed in harmony by three backing singers, like some eerie gospel threnodyit still felt dominated by more recent material, all rendered with dense sonic precision by his eight-piece band. The anticipated sound-and-light sensory assault duly arrived after the interval, as the prog-discotheque drama of One of These Days blew the hall to pieces in a strobing blitzkrieg of swirling green, blue and vermillion; the sense that the controls were now set for the heart of the sun becoming literal in the visuals for a glorious Fat Old Sun.

Yet, even before another retina-frazzling display for Run Like Hell the band were forced to put on dark glassesthings detoured into the comedown longueurs of On an Island and the supper-club jazz of Girl in the Yellow Dress. The year-old recently said "God knows when we'll do this again"; an admission that only deepened the perpetual feeling of being blessed to be watching an all-time guitar great at the top of his game.

Response to 12th night

Last night's setlist was Wednesday 7th September Extra Tickets for Royal Albert Hall Shows The finalisation of show production details has meant that some tickets have been released for all David's Royal Albert Hall shows, on September 23, 25, 28, 29 and Seats will be available for all nights in the Front Circle, Boxes, Stalls as well as a few each night in the Arena.

Tickets will be restricted to four per booker across the five nights, and, as previously, picture ID of the lead booker will be required on the night for entrance. Friday 29th July Tienen: Thursday 28th July Tienen: Night One Last night's setlist was Tuesday 19th July Wiesbaden Last night's setlist was Sunday 17th July Paris Last night's setlist wasTwelfth Night.

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