Tata nano market segmentation

At the time of inceptionthe estimated purchase price for consumers was Rs. Tata Nano, however opened a completely new market segment catering to the lower middle class or middle class segment i.

Tata nano market segmentation

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Contents Market Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting: Targeting and positioning strategy of Tata Nano and recommendations for the company are given.

According to Howard and Shethp. This approach of marketing segmentation made the producers to compete against their competitors in terms of products and services. When the size of the market is so small to do marketing When a brand is a dominant brand in the market. When more number of people falls in the same category.

Most of the brands do not operate within the same segment. Certain brands cannot fit into a particular segment which is a drawback to this strategy.

In very small businesses and brands this strategy will not work and it is not possible. Tata Motors is the leading automobile manufacturer in India with a huge portfolio which includes trucks, passenger cars, buses, and utility vehicles.

Even though there are many products from Tata Motors an interesting case of Tata Nano is discussed further.

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Generally Tata Motors follow the marketing segmentation concept and they have succeeded which already prevails in the history. Tata Nano which comes under the passenger car segment was launched in January Heading to the marketing segmentation of Tata Nano is quite interesting.

Tata Nano is specially designed and manufactured for the middle class and lower middle class people in India Interview of Ratan Tata. Marketing Segmentation for Tata Nano: From the above segmentation variables and how Tata Nano is segmented, it is clear that the manufacturer wants his product to be used by almost everyone in all geographic conditions.

But again they say this can also suit the people who own cars already for the sake of increasing the count which adds privilege to them as well as their status. Even in the occupation category, it is mentioned that right from students to any profession person can use Nano which again puts a lot of people in the category.

Their target customers are those who are extremely price conscious and have low latitude of acceptability. Industry wise they target the two wheeler industry, three wheeler industry which are more costly than nanopublic transports as well to an extent.

Hence pricing is their most effective targeting strategy. Tata Nano is well positioned which will be doing a marketing for the entire Tata Motors.

As Nano will be the first car of many customers there will be a possibility of customers to follow Tata Motors if they have a good value for money product and good customer relationship management.

As mentioned Nano will be the first car people will surely change their car and that might be possibly for another car in Tata Motors itself. Moreover Tata is also got a wide range of cars which are durable and better quality which suits Indian roads.

The marketing segmentation concept is a good strategy in marketing but not applicable for all industries, services or products. Nano is got a good segmentation and its well targeted and positioned. As Nano is targeting people with its price strategy, in future due to some inflation if value of money increases they might not be able to convince their customers.

Tata is a good reliable brand in India and now the positioning of Nano as the first car of many people will surely help them in growing their Tata Motors organisation.

Tata nano market segmentation

A Behavioural Analysis 2nd edition. Consumer Market Research Handbook 2nd edition Eds.Arunesh Tata Nano. TPM Slogans. vehicles. Project on TATA Motors to move beyond secondary sources of information and conduct market segmentation study. Some of the micro level bases for segmentation are Tata Motors has trucks like Tata supply continuity is never a problem as Tata Motors.

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Tata etc. risk. Oct 28,  · Market segmentation is where the market for a product is divided up by such things as income level, gender, age, etc. This allows market research to show the views, opinions, buying habits, etc of different segments of the rutadeltambor.com: Resolved.

Nov 18,  · Many of the bases of segmentation are mentioned and classified, and there is also a good bullet point summary of why companies bother segmenting a market at all. Remember segmentation can be subdivided again to form a Niche market. Tata Nano was launched in the segment of being a cost leader in the broad market to attract maximum number of the population.

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We can place it in the quadrant as shown in the picture below at the. Jun 20,  · In , Tata Motors’ market share in the commercial vehicles segment declined to nearly 44% while share in the passenger vehicles market declined to %. The "Nano satellite Market Analysis to " is a specialized and in-depth study of the nano satellite industry with a focus on the global market trend.

The report aims to provide an overview of.

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