The art of managing virtual teams

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The art of managing virtual teams

But when we take on problems—whether theirs or ones of our own devising—without breaking down the complexity into steps and ordering those steps so we can tackle them a few at a time, we do ourselves a disservice.

At Charles Schwab, my colleagues and I were tackling the challenge of transforming what had been the world's leading discount brokerage into the premier name in online financial services. We quoted this rule frequently: Don't boil the ocean.

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This rule in no way diminished the size of the vision, but it reminded us not to tackle everything at once. When I shared it with Mickey, he liked it so much that he made it a mantra at Gracenote as well. But he often followed it up with another oft-quoted principle: This is the key to solving any seemingly intractable problem.

This rule is especially appealing since it can be used to tackle any problem, large or small. Keep dividing until you find a part of the problem you can handle, and solve it.

Managing Virtual Teams

Then "pop the other half off the stack where you put it" and solve it, or divide it into two halves and recurse.

Jobs reinforced how imperative it is to hire the right people the "A's"because allowing a "B" into the organization erodes the organization much more than just that one wrong hire. We believe that hiring the right people is a manager's most important responsibility. But how can you make sure you find the right people?

Dave Wilson, a software architect who has guided development for Apple, Sun, HP, Portal, and ParcPlace, shared a rule for helping to find great programmers, and both of us have validated it independently: Hire people who built stuff on their own time, just for fun.

Though we've never limited ourselves to hiring only people who built stuff on their own time, it's a great litmus test for hiring the right people. Communication One of the important lessons about managing—and often a hard lesson to learn—is that communication is as much about listening as speaking.

Many companies provide manager training in "reflective listening," which focuses on truly listening and then responding with a message that acknowledges the speaker's point of view.

Rules that remind us to listen can be very helpful. We have two ears and one mouth. Use them in this ratio.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. As companies worldwide are moving more and more toward a virtual business model, this handbook offers insight for team members who collaborate on projects from geographically diverse locations. Positive conflict is the notion that a healthy discourse may exist in the disagreement among group members regarding personality traits, styles, or characteristics or the content of their ideas, decisions or task processes which involves a pathway towards resolution.

So managers of virtual teams should have dual, complementary objectives: structure and socialize. First they must shift their teams’ work practices away from the dynamic adjustment outlined.

The art of managing virtual teams

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