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Thesis ugent

He returned to the Plant Pathology Research Unit in Avignon in for a permanent position as research scientist. His research focuses on the epidemiology and biocontrol of fungal diseases of crops with a special emphasis on durability issues related to these control methods.

For many years, he has been working on the adaptation of obligate parasites powdery mildew, rust to plant resistance and sincehe has developed research on biocontrol against major fungal diseases of vegetable greenhouse crops grey mold, white mold, powdery mildew.

He teaches plant pathology in several Master programs in different French Universities. Carlos Calvo Young researcher interested in plant pathology, control of grapevine diseases with biologically-based treatments and pesticide use reduction in viticulture.

Currently, more specific involvement in studying possibilities for pesticide use reduction in Thesis ugent under a holistic approach, in collaboration with multiple research partners, including oenologists and wine economists. Her success Thesis ugent derived from her transdisciplinary vision and ability to apply a wide variety of technologies to develop biological control products.

Adept at mentoring and developing junior researchers and experienced in higher education at various Universities. All her research career has been directly related to Plant Protection, aimed at developing new tools that improve agricultural production avoiding the losses caused by diseases caused by phytopathogenic fungi.

She obtained a staff position research inwhere she has done her research, with a scientific production of 72 papers including in Science Citation Index SCI11 non-SCI, 35 bookchapters and collective volumes, more than participations in conferences and 21 articles of disclosure, 3 patents, all in the development of 36 projects, 17 of which as coordinator; 3 projects financed by the EU FP-Hin which I have acted as head of the research group.

I have participated in 9 contracts with the company and public administration, in 5 of them as principal investigator. She has contributed to 27 scientific congresses and technical meetings with invited papers. His research expertise include developing biological and natural based control strategies for postharvest diseases, mode of action of yeast biocontrol agents, microbiome of harvested commodities, pathogenicity mechanisms of Penicillium species on citrus and apple fruit and resistance mechanisms of fruits against postharvest pathogens.

Droby published more than articles in peerreviewed journal and 25 review articles and 27 book chapters on various topics on postharvest pathology. The company produces entomopathogenic nematodes Steinernema and Heterorhabditis spp.

Bioreactors of cubic-meter scale are used to produce yeasts, bacteria and fungi for biological control, animal feed and cosmetic industry. E-nema is distributing its products worldwide and offers its expertise and facilities also for toll manufacturing. In we have more than 50 employees of which 6 have a PhD.

My research focus is on biotechnology and biological control. I am author of more than peer reviewed papers mainly on EPN and microbial inoculants and I edited a book on regulation of biocontrol agents summarizing the results of the EU-REBECA policy support action and another on biocontrol nematodes.

He has had an interest in ecophysiology of biocontrol agents BCAs for many years. He has been involved in environmental screening approaches, enhancing inoculum quality of production, and the development of formulations to address the key environmental bottlenecks in the commercialisation of BCAs.

The targets have included fungal pathogens, mycotoxigenic fungi and pests.

Thesis ugent

Current research includes the impact that climate change environmental factors may have on efficacy of BCAs in different agroecosystems. Magan is now addressing some of these key issues in the development of resilient BCA formulations under expected future climate change scenarios.Recent Theses in Finite Geometry.

If you notice any omissions or you have a recent thesis in finite geometry or a related area, please contact [email protected] Theses are sorted by year in descending order. View online UGent only. View online UGent only.

book De antiqua Germanorum poesi aenigmatica Erwinus Transition To A Minor Thesis -- Getting Organized -- The Structure Of A Minor Thesis -- A Strong View online UGent only. View online UGent only. book. Postgraduate education, or graduate education in North America, involves learning and studying for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional certificates, academic or professional diplomas, or other qualifications for which a first or bachelor's degree generally is required, and it is normally considered to be part of higher education.

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