To think pink or not

Guaranteed not to Turn Pink in the Can Did a cannery advertise unmarketable pale salmon as 'Guaranteed not to turn pink in the can'?

To think pink or not

Examples[ edit ] Memorization and mnemonics[ edit ] Although in certain domains, such as memorizationit appears that ironic effects of attempting to remember vary with the level of mental control over mnemonic processing and may simply be due to ineffective mental strategies.

This involves "interrupting people as they go about their daily lives and asking them to record the thoughts they are having right at that moment, in that place", often by using " clickers ". The study found that on average men had 19 thoughts about sex per day the highest being times per day whereas women thought about sex ten times per day.

Imagine them walking away from the psychology department, holding the clicker in their hand, trying hard not to think about sex all the time, yet also trying hard to remember to press the clicker every time they did think about it.

First, monitoring processes unconsciously and automatically monitor for occurrences of the unwanted thought, calling upon the second—conscious operating processes—if the thought occurs.

To think pink or not

This theory explains the effects of increased cognitive load by emphasizing that where there is cognitive effort, the monitoring process may supplant the conscious process, also suggesting that in order for thought suppression to be effective, a balance between the two processes must exist, with the cognitive demand not being so great as to let the monitoring process interrupt the conscious processes.

Such overload has been shown to occur experimentally, when individuals attempt to aggressively suppress intrusive thoughts by distracting themselves—either by focusing on different environmental objects, or thinking of anything but the thought in question.

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Overload is also believed to occur in daily life as a result of mental pressures, anxieties, stresses, and so forth. The monitoring process, serving to alert the individual to an unwanted thought about to become salient and intrude on his or her consciousness, continues to find instances of the unwanted thought creating a state of hyper-accessibility unchecked by controlled cognitive processes.

At the end of the movie Ghostbustersthe characters are asked to think of a form for the coming of Gozer. They instruct each other not to think of anything, which sees one of the team, Ray, thinking of what he considers to be an innocuous thought of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Manwho then terrorizes them.Lyrics to 'Think Pink!' by Soundtrack Artists.

MAGGIE / Think pink! think pink, it's the latest word, you know. / Think pink! think pink and you're. Think before you spend your money on pink items. Download a handy PDF of critical questions, find out the real story behind where the pink ribbon came from, learn more about cause marketing and make a direct donation to Breast Cancer Action.

Spotting may not mean your pregnancy hopes are dashed this month. Discharge—possibly coupled with slight cramping, headaches, mood swings, or nausea—before your period may actually be an indicator of implantation bleeding, one of the early signs of pregnancy.

To think pink or not

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This extra money in our school budget ensures that the teachers and paraprofessionals in . My darker-hued wardrobe and I really didn’t think so.

Somehow, though, this season’s bright pink trend picks up right where the rosy color craze of seasons past left off. While Millennial Pink was so widely appealing for its ability to nearly act as a neutral, this recent hot-pink trend somehow feels equally cool and not overly saccharine.

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