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The idea of a new FJ with rugged capabilities of the FJ40 originated in the mid s with Toyota's product planner Dave Danzer and vice-president of sales and operations Yoshi Inaba. Toyota's flagship design studio, Caltywas then brought in to deliver a fresh interpretation of the FJ In the summer ofToyota began extensive offroad evaluations of the FJ platform by driving development mules on many of the most difficult trails in North America, including Moab, Utahthe Angeles National Forestthe Mojave Desertand the Rubicon Trail.

Toyota intro

This system is composed of a vacuum-activated shift fork in the front differential driver's side axle tube: This axle assembly powers the driver's side wheel, while the passenger side is a single shaft from the carrier to the inner CV joint.

While in 2WD, the driver's side axle is disconnected within the tube. The ADD trucks also have hub flanges at the wheels instead of conventional hubs; a series of vacuum switching valves VSV's in the engine bay to control the actuator; and a transfer case position indictor switch, which Toyota intro the dash light.

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While the ADD system is convenient and seems reliable, I wanted to eliminate mine as a potential source of failure - vacuum, electrical, or sleeve failures are possible in this critical system. The system also requires a vacuum hose from in the engine bay especially with an automatic transmissionwhich makes field troubleshooting a chore.

On trucks with automatic transmissions, additional electronics are added to monitor transfer case lever position. I found that by removing the ADD vacuum and electrical subsystems, I'd wind up with a simplified 4WD system, and therefore reduce possible failures.

First, remove the front skidplate. Actuator with shift fork. The actuator assembly is on the driver's side of the differential. Remove the 4WD dash indicator plug white plug from the assembly, then remove the vacuum lines from the assembly. You can also remove the vacuum line brackets and hard lines from the differential housing.

There are four 12mm bolts holding the actuator in place. Remove these bolts and lightly tap the assembly with a hammer handle to jar it loose.

If you haven't drained your differential oil, it will pour out at this point. Remove the actuator assembly. Next, clean the old gasket material from the differential housing and the actuator assembly with a plastic putty knife.

Place the clamp around the fork rod. The shift fork rides on a rod within the assembly. When the fork is to the passenger side, the shafts are locked. Slide the fork to the passenger side, then cap the vacuum ports on the assembly.

The key to guaranteeing the fork will never move is to place a hose clamp or CV boot clamp around the rod the fork slides on - and be sure to trim any excess clamp length.

Toyota intro

This will eliminate any chance of the fork moving from the locked position. Within the opening in the housing, you can manipulate the locking sleeve. Moving it to the passenger side locks the shafts together -- but if you slide it too far, you'll expose the gear and NOT lock the shafts don't worry, the sleeve will not slide out of reach.

The recessed section of the sleeve should be visible when it is in the proper position. Sleeve too far to passenger side. Sleeve in proper position. When you are sure it is in the locked position, test fit the fork assembly to the housing and test for lock again.

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It's very easy to move the sleeve to the unlocked position while fitting the fork. I found it easiest to mount the assembly on my V6 truck by going up between the front lower control arm crossmember and IFS, positioning the fork at an angle to the sleeve, then sliding it in.

This was much easier than going at it from the front, where the oil pan interferes. When you're ready to finally fit the assembly, apply new gasket-maker to the assembly and seat it. Test it again to make certain the shafts are locked together!

Then tighten it down, refill your differential and get ready to rip Trace the two vacuum lines you removed from the front of the differential up through the engine bay.

They terminate in the lower ports of VSV's behind the fuse box on the passenger side. From the VSV's there is a single vacuum line to the engine vacuum source which can be removed, and the port capped.

Removing vacuum parts - this is just a start! You can also remove the vacuum tank in the wheel well, along with the lines to and from it.

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One vacuum line goes up between the fenders to the VSV's through a grommet in the inner fenderand can be removed by pulling the grommet and line through the opening.How to speed up business processes, improve quality, and cut costs in any industry.

In factories around the world, Toyota consistently makes the highest-quality cars with the fewest defects of any competing manufacturer, while using fewer man-hours, less on-hand inventory, and half the floor space of .

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Kanban is enormously prominent among today's agile software teams, but the kanban methodology of work dates back more than 50 years. In the late s Toyota began optimizing its engineering processes based on the same model that supermarkets were using to stock their shelves.

Quest - Intro. Is this the ultimate commuting vehicle for you?

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The Quest is fast, comfortable, efficient and provides excellent weather protection. Toyota to Intro Corolla Hatch in New York. Compared with the outgoing iM hatch, the Corolla 5-door is longer and wider, plus has a lighter, smaller engine and a so-called unified interior.

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