Vaccinating your pets speech

Anyone who doesn't do things exactly as you do? It would be like me calling all people who don't raw feed 'dumb', bleating about them being 'brainwashed' by pet food companies, etc. As it is, passionate as I am about raw feeding, I also realise it isn't right for everyone and many dogs do wonderfully on kibble, so whats the problem?

Vaccinating your pets speech

The disease can get worse very quickly and is often fatal without treatment. How is parvo treated? There is no cure for parvovirus. Vets can treat the symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea, help the dog to recover, and stop them catching other infections.

Dogs suffering from parvovirus need lots of nursing and will be kept in an isolation ward to stop the disease spreading to other dogs. Sadly, even with the best care, not all dogs survive. Puppies are particularly at risk and can quickly deteriorate and die of dehydration or secondary infections.

Preventing parvovirus If you are getting a puppy, make sure you buy from a responsible breeder or reputable rehoming centre, that you see the puppies with their mum, and that she has also been vaccinated. Take a look at the Puppy Contract for more information.

Many breeders and rehoming centres will provide the first shots of the puppy vaccination course, make sure you ask for proof. You then need to arrange the second set of jabs. Puppies should be healthy and bright, and not showing any signs of diarrhoea. If you think your dog has parvovirus, keep them away from any unvaccinated dogs and call your vet immediately.

They might ask you to bring your dog in through a difference entrance to prevent contamination in the waiting room.

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Dogs that have recovered from parvovirus can be contagious for several months afterwards. Keep them away from other dogs or areas where lots of dogs go, like local parks.

Your vet can test to see if your dog is still carrying the virus. If you have lost a dog to parvovirus, remember that the virus can survive in the soil for up to a year. Any new dogs coming into your home need to be fully vaccinated first.

Canine distemper What is canine distemper and how is spread?

Vaccinating your pets speech

However, it is more common in Europe and could be brought in from outside the UK. The virus is passed easily from dog to dog through saliva, blood, or urine. Distemper can also infect other animals, such as ferrets and foxes. Symptoms of canine distemper watery discharge from the nose and eyes reddened eyes.These vaccines are grown and strained through animal or human tissue, like monkey and dog kidney tissue, chick embryo, calf serum, human diploid cells (the dissected organs of forcibly aborted fetuses), pig blood, horse blood and rabbit brain (1, 2).

The available vaccines protect against only a handful of the most common subtypes that infect dogs, which limits their protective value.

Nevertheless, the available vaccines are effective and safe when used as directed, and many veterinarians recommend the vaccination for dogs at risk for exposure. Vaccinating pets prevents them from getting rabies and is one of the most effective ways in preventing rabies exposure in people.

If your dog, cat, or ferret is not vaccinated, and is bitten by a stray or wild animal, the pet needs to be confined and observed for six months. Vaccinating your dog Vaccinations for dogs.

Find out how vaccinations protect your dog from serious diseases. Vaccinations: protecting your dog. Vaccinations protect against a wide range of infectious diseases, many of which can be fatal.

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Vaccinating your puppy or dog will protect them from the main strains of leptospirosis present in the UK. If your veterinarian has no respect for your role in your pet's life or your legitimate concerns about too many vaccines, it's time to find a new vet. Tip: Don't take it personally.

Even though it feels like personal rejection of your role as wise counselor when clients refuse to follow your vaccine recommendations, it's really not about you.

Pro-Vaccine Arguments. In this section I will explore the arguments of pro-vaccinator’s against actual medical evidence. Diseases are disappearing as a result of vaccines.

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