Write a note on fdi in retail sector

FDI is a process in which a company invests in another country where it does not possesses any business. FDI is usually done by the companies to expand its business and profits. FDI in retail sector is booming now days as we all can see that more and more companies are coming to India to open its retail stores or doing joint ventures with host country companies.

Write a note on fdi in retail sector

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Economics report writing help on: FDI in Indian retail sector Economics report writing help on: The paper has been prepared as the policy to be represented to a CEO of a business who is planning to enter India and make investment in some retail business venture.

The paper includes clear introduction of the topic under study along with the aims and objectives of the paper. The paper also includes the current trend in FDI retail and the current issues related to the topic. The impact of the FDI on the retail in India has also been discussed in the paper.

The paper also includes recommendation and conclusion to the company related after looking at the current trends in the to the Indian retail market. Introduction Indian retail industry is one of the most shining sectors among all having a huge potential.

As per the investment commission of India this industry is expected to grow three times from its current level of billion dollar market by the year Even after the recent developments in this industry and its contribution in the economy this is also one of the least organized and evolved industry and the growth are also slower as compared to the rest of the world.

In this context the current paper is related to the influx of the foreign direct investment in the Indian retail industry. Moreover looking at the Indian economy there are recent moves of the Indian government allowing the FDI in the multiband retails [1].

The retail industry is the one which consist of individuals, commercial complexes, stores, agencies which are involved in the buying and selling of merchandise and diverse finished goods to the end consumer in direct and indirect manner. The retail industry of India is very vast having a huge potential for development and growth as the majority of the market participants are unorganized in this industry.

write a note on fdi in retail sector

Initially there were reservations in the Indian retail market for entering of FDI investments arising from the fear of the job losses, increase in competition, and procurement of international market and loss of the entrepreneur opportunities and so on.

Aims of the research The main aim of the paper is to analyse the current trends in FDI retail in India.

Essay on fdi in retail sector

The aim of the paper is also to analyse the impact of the FDI on retail in India. This has been done in order to analyse the current issues associated with FDI retail in India and the factors that have an impact on the FDI investments and their regulations. Objectives of the research There are several objectives of the paper this mainly includes: Analyzing the impact of FDI investment in the Indian retail industry Analyse the current trends in this sector Provide recommendations to the international retail business organizations looking for FDI investment in India Analyze current market trends and policies associated with FDI retail investment.

The Indian retail market is among the top five retail market in the world in terms of the economic value and also accounts for around billion US dollars. As the nation is second highest in terms of population in the world with 1.


Retail sector in India is huge with no big players in the industry thus attracting investment from many foreign companies. This creates huge employment opportunities for people here. Retail sector in India stands at second position after agriculture when it comes to providing employment.

Indian giant who has just entered this industry is Reliance. With high growth rate in the country the level of consumer spending power has also been increased and is also expected to increase more in future. Few factors to be named for driving retail industry in India are increasing consumer aspirations, young demographic profile, improving demands from rural markets and growth in income level of middle class.

Retail sector is growing with liberalization of Indian economy and with increase in spending per capita income of family [6]. The easy accessibility to internet providing information about domestic and foreign retail chains further adds to its development.

The increased popularity of this sector has resulted in growing awareness of brands and quality products. It has made life convenient, easy quick and hassle free. The change in consumer preferences for shopping, the mall management practices and shift of consumer demands towards foreign brands like Sony, McDonalds and Panasonic etc.

Government of India still holds retailing for multi brand stores.

The foreign investors are welcome and free to invest in India. India has been recording high growth rates and is one of the fastest growing economies of the world.Mar 26,  · SHORT NOTE ON FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN INDIA.

write a note on fdi in retail sector

INTRODUCTION. One remarkable feature of the contemporary world has been the proliferation of private capital flow in the form of foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing countries, especially since s. “Foreign Direct Investment in Retail- The Policy decision that has opened a paradox’s box”.

So I too want to write something about FDI. As we can get an idea that when a foreign company or investor, invest their money into our country, the term FDI comes into picture. deals with the various aspects related to opening up pf fdi in multi brand retailing.

and the answers to the discussion paper by dip. In conclusion, FDI in retail sector would certainly enable to optimize youth employment in India. For those fearing the effects of FDI in retail in India, the examples of Thailand and China should give comfort. Entry of foreign players in Thailand and China gave a big boost to .

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These include the local kirana shops, owner manned corporate-backed hypermarkets general and retail chains, and also the stores, paan/beedi shops, convenie privately owned large retail nce stores, hand cart and businesses.

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