Write a report on nepal earthquake map

Nepal, a landlocked country, has its own history of earthquake. Earthquake, one of the most dangerous natural disasters is being experienced by various people in various places. Nepal is a seismic prone country and the risk it faces from earthquakes is very high.

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This earthquake caused avalanches on Mount Everest. At least 19 died, [92] with at least others injured or missing. The avalanche was estimated to have been two to three kilometres wide.

Ghodatabela was an area popular on the Langtang trekking route. Smaller settlements on the outskirts of Langtang were buried during the earthquake, such as Chyamki, Thangsyap, and Mundu.

Twelve locals and two foreigners were believed to have survived.

write a report on nepal earthquake map

Smaller landslides occurred in the Trishuli River Valley with reports of significant damage at Mailung, Simle, and Archale. Many travelers remained outside as planes were delayed and the airport swelled to capacity.

The airport facilities suffered damage and there was no running water or operating toilets for travelers waiting in the airport lounges. Few airport workers were at their posts; most were killed in the earthquake or had to deal with its aftereffects. As Saturday is the principal day of Christian worship in Nepal, people were reported to have died in the collapses.

The northern side of Janaki Mandir in Janakpur was reported to have been damaged. Some other monuments including the Taleju Bhawani Temple partially collapsed. In Tripureshwar, the Kal Mochan Ghat, a temple inspired by Mughal architecture, was completely destroyed and the nearby Tripura Sundari also suffered significant damage.

In Bhaktapur, several monuments, including the Phasi Deva temple, the Chardham temple and the 17th century Vatsala Durga Temple were fully or partially destroyed. They cannot be restored to their original states.

Huge damage was caused to the property and the lives of the people. Economic loss[ edit ] Road damage in Nepal Concern was expressed that harvests could be reduced or lost this season as people affected by the earthquake would have only a short time to plant crops before the onset of the Monsoon rains.

Geological Survey initially estimated economic losses from the tremor at 9 percent to 50 percent of gross domestic product, with a best guess of 35 percent. These traffickers took advantage of the chaos that resulted from the aftermath of the earthquake.

The report also found that violence and rapes against women and minors has increased after the earthquake.

write a report on nepal earthquake map

Tibeto-Burman peoples were hardest hit as they tend to inhabit the higher slopes of mountains as opposed to the central valleys and are less educated and connected. All of these factors make them harder to access. According to a government survey, malnutrition in children has worsened considerably some 3 months after the quake, with the most undernourished being Tamang and Chepang peoples.

The people of Nepal acknowledged the aid and effort put by the Indian armed forces, yet, at the same time, accused Indian news networks of carrying out "a public relations exercise" on behalf of the Indian government, of overemphasizing the role of the Indian Army, and of hogging space on relief planes where aid material or rescue or medical personnel could have been sent instead.

At least 13 people died of scrub typhus while people were taken ill since the disease was first diagnosed in the country in August until September May 12,  · Nepal earthquake of Map of the earthquake that struck Nepal and the surrounding region on April 25, The temblor killed thousands of people, destroyed rural villages, and severely damaged numerous structures within Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu.

Apr 25,  · GMT - WELCOME TO AFP'S LIVE REPORT on the developing situation in Nepal, where hundreds of people are feared dead after a powerful earthquake ripped through large parts of the country. The earthquake activity in Nepal is caused by the ongoing continent-continent collision between India and Asia.

That This earthquake hazard map illustrates the peak ground acceleration expected to be exceeded with 10% probability during . 25 April Gorkha Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction Situation Report Page 5 A World Food Programme household survey 8 found that the Far‐ and Mid‐West regions in Nepal are generally considered as the poorest parts of the country, which would indicate high.

That isn’t a description of the 25 April Nepal Earthquake, but the one that struck China’s Sichuan Province exactly seven years ago this week at AM on 12 May The earthquake hit scattered communities in a remote part of China that was largely untouched by the country’s economic boom, and killed about , people, injuring.

map for Nepal for different return periods. Figure 2 shows peak ground acceleration (PGA) maps for Nepal Earthquake Event Recap Report 7 Figure 3: The figure contains the following information: (i) Locations of past events (pink and blue circles) (ii) The seismic.

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